We are a technology solutions company focusing on precision automation to solve challenges and improve operations


Automated Solutions

Experience developing fully automated, controlled, and repeatable solutions for both pre-analytical sample handling and preparation and precision assembly of components and manufacturing in regulated environments.

Overall solutions are:

  • Adaptable with various LIS and ERP tracking and management systems
  • Capable of traceability throughout the sample life cycle via event capture and vision systems
  • Message driven architecture utilizing technology agnostic principles
  • Sustainable technology; lower cost of maintenance
  • 3 dimensional axis controls with < 0.001 inch precision accuracy

Full End to End Automation Capabilities

Custom design and engineered automation adapted to fit the unique requirements, critical steps, and operational aspects for specific processes. Collaborative and interactive design approach with customer voice and input to integrate the end to end process with the full solution. Not an ‘Off the Shelf’ instrument with rigid requirements.

Our solutions are a Modular Design, offering maximum flexibility for future changes, growth and implementation.

Pre-Analytical Solutions


  • Sample manipulation
  • Homogenization/Preparation
  • Novel collection devices
  • Sustainable technology; lower cost of maintenance
  • Hands free measuring and tracking


Financial Savings

Overall effort reduction and delivers positive ROI

Growth Support

Ability to support volume growth with minimal additional investments

Space Savings

50-80% Reduction in footprint to perform work

Labor Reduction

FTE Savings, elimination of attrition, hiring, training and wage inflation

Reduced Lab Time

TAT improvement, elimination of process steps

Improved Quality

Less variation, enables standardization, less human errors

Electronic Tracking

Item level monitoring and control enabling traceability, BI and process data management

Future Flexibility

Modular design supports expansion and improvements

Automated solutions that solve operational challenges for labor and quality intensive sample and component handling and process in laboratories and manufacturers.